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With over 20 years of experience, VIPoffers is the #1 solution to monetizing your adult traffic. We own all our offers and they cannot be found anywhere else. We are best known for our Games, Dating, and Adult sites that are all built in-house. If other programs can't do enough for your traffic, come directly to VIPoffers and we will help you earn the highest EPCs in the industry!

Over 20 Years in the Business!


We offer the highest payouts in the industry! Since we own all our offers, our affiliates can promote directly with us and earn the highest possible payouts. Cut out the middlemen for good and earn more money with VIPoffers!

Highest payouts in the industry!


Our award-winning program has been recognized by Xbiz as the CPA Network of the Year! Come join us and learn why we are recognized as the leader in the adult affiliate marketing space. Since inception, we have paid out over 1 billion in earnings to our affiliates. We can't wait to help you earn big profits too!

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VIPoffers is home to 100% private offers that you won't find anywhere else! We cover all of the popular genres and build our sites in-house from the ground up, so we can customize everything to your specifications.


We offer affiliates weekly payments and the highest payouts in the industry. Our payouts are always on time and we have never missed a payment. We are the most reputable company in the business and you will always be paid.


We are a pioneer in the advertising space. For 20 years, we have strived to create innovative products to diversify your income and make your traffic convert. We have been recognized by our peers for our excellence and we know that we can help you make the most money from your traffic.


VIPoffers empowers affiliates to perform the most in-depth traffic analysis possible. Our bleeding edge reporting eliminates the need to pay for third party tracking systems and saves you time by illustrating real-time reporting right alongside the top offers.


Adult Games

Our 100% exclusive Video Games are the biggest offers on the web right now! These sexy game parodies are a blast to play and our affiliates are seeing incredible numbers promoting these offers. We offer high PPS payouts and we will set you up with all of the creatives you need to make your campaigns successful. Sign up now to start making serious cash on a new niche!


Are you looking for the hottest dating offers to promote with your traffic? VIPoffers' expert team is dedicated to creating top-converting dating sites and landers that will improve your EPC. Whether you promote by Display, Mobile, Email or Social Media, we custom-tailor our offers exactly to your specifications. We offer PPL and PPS options to suit your traffic and we go the extra mile by offering white labels and custom landing pages to our affiliates.


Get ready for the ultimate Virtual Sex Experience! With 360 degrees of freedom, our crystal-clear erotic VR videos will make it feel like pornstars just stepped into your living room! These scenes are so immersive you may not know if they're real or not.

Adult Sites

VIPoffers has been in the industry since 1996, so we have built and tested thousands of sites that convert casual users into paying customers. There isn't a niche that we don't cover, so getting your account setup for traffic is as simple as having a conversation with one of our Account Managers. We offer the highest payouts in the industry and we will help you earn big bucks from day one..

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If you want to cut out the middle man and make your profits soar, then you need to sign up with VIPoffers today. We are home to top converting offers you can't find anywhere else, which will give you an edge on the competition promoting old, saturated sites. What are you waiting for? Become a VIP today!

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Since we control and build all our offers in-house, we have the unique ability to truly test and evaluate our sites before handing them over to our affiliates. This means you will be promoting proven landing pages that we know will convert on your traffic. Join today and learn more about the offers that will make you huge profits in 2018!


Are you tired of always nagging your affiliate managers for payments? At VIPoffers, we take your payments very seriously and offer the most consistent weekly payments in the business. We've been in the business for over 20 years and have paid out our affiliates more than $1 billion dollars!

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